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Domain Name Information

eVetSites provides several options for helping you obtain a domain name or manage your current domain names. An internet domain name is the Uniform Resource Locator (aka URL or web address) of your website on the World Wide Web (www.mypractice.com or www.evetsites.com).  Ideally, it should be unique, informative, yet easy to remember. If you would like help deciding on a domain name(s) for your veterinary business, please ask our knowledgeable website professionals to find the best option for your situation..

Once you've decided on a domain name, you'll have to pay an annual fee to a domain registrar for the right to use it.

PLEASE NOTE: registering your domain name doesn't automatically get you a website just like registering a business name in the brick-and-mortar world doesn't automatically get you the building to go with it.

Choosing a web host for your domain name:

If getting a domain name is analogous to getting a business name in the brick-and-mortar world, getting a web hosting account is comparable to renting space for your business.  A web host is basically a company that has many computers connected to the Internet. When you place your web pages on their computers, everyone in the world will be able to connect to it and view them. Signing up for an account with a web host gives your website a home.

eVetSites can register and manage your domain name, be your web host, and establish all of the technical settings for your website and email services, which include annual registration, domain name privacy, and private email accounts. Our fee for domain name registration and server management (DNS management) is $35 per year.


You do not need a website domain name to get started with eVetSites. 

If you haven’t yet registered your domain name, we will assist you. If you have already registered your domain name, we will assist you with the technical settings later in the trial period when you are ready to take your eVetSites website LIVE.

In either case, the process will begin with your trial website application, where you will provide you practice name.  The trial website “Title” that you enter will populate across the starter website, so enter the title as you would like your clients to see it on your website.  Note that the second field will auto-fill with a trial domain name ending in .evetsites.net ( a temporary web address to get you started). We will associate your trial eVetSites website to your formal domain name(s) when you are ready to publish your new eVetSites website).

Once you have completed both pages of the signup process, you will receive a 'Confirmation Letter' email with a link to your new eVetSites website, along with a User ID and Password.  To get started right away, just follow the simple instructions to access your website builder!

You will also receive a  'Welcome to eVetSites' email with more general instructions and several links to our website for more assistance.  If you have any questions about getting started please call us at 888-332-5316, Ext. 2 and we will be glad to assist you.

If you do not receive the confirmation letter, please check the following.

  • You completed and submitted both pages of the eVetSites application
  • Check all your email folders carefully. The Confirmation email may have been filtered into a spam file as this is an auto-generated response that some email systems will detect as such.