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Full Custom Website Design

Templates vs Custom Website

As a small business owner you are probably faced with a marketing dilemma. With the desire to include a website in your marketing plan, should you choose a website template, or spend the extra money for a custom design?

There are many web templates to choose from these days so finding a design that fits a particular business is not an issue. Adding your specific colors and images to a template makes it yours and companies can produce a template website quickly and for an affordable price.

Both professionally-developed and do-it-yourself website templates have differences from custom built websites—mostly functionality and design.




The layout, structure, colors and overall design of a web template are already created in a format where you can simply add your information and content. Templates make it easy to avoid spending a lot of time and money in the creation and implementation of the website. The greatest advantage to a template is it is easy-to-customize, SEO optimized, lightweight and responsive.

Custom Design

Choosing a custom design means that you are ready and willing to invest a little more time, money, and effort.  It also means that you have a desire to be in complete control of every aspect of your website and online presence.


Whichever way you decide to go—template, or custom design—remember that websites are an extension of you and your business. Put your best foot forward and invest in the look of your website from the beginning. Leaving your visitors with a positive impression of your business is priceless.

eVetsites can help you with whichever direction you choose and we are eager to answer any questions you might have about the direction you should take.

Most fully custom design work is considered a fee based option from our normal fees.  Please contact us for more information.