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Who owns my domain name if I registered it with eVetSites?

YOU do! When you register your domain name through eVetSites, you’ll see eVetSites as the Registrant Name & Organization and Network Solutions as the ‘Registrar’ information listed but the domain is yours.  We include eVetSites information on the whois record for two main reasons: 1) to maintain the continuity of your website service with eVetSites and 2) to protect your private information (Name, Address, Telephone #) from internet scammers who may use your domain registry information to spam you.

VIN AND eVetSites OATH TO YOU - Your domain is yours! VIN and eVetSites will always act in the best interests of the clinic and/or VIN member.  If anyone wants to move from eVetSites to another provider, we work very hard to make this transition a smooth process.

If you ever have any questions about your domain management with eVetSites or want to know more about domain registration, even if you’re not using eVetSites, please give us a call at (888) 332 -5316 -- we’re here to help!  


Key Things Your Website Should Have

1. Mobile Friendly Layout. As of April 2015, Google changed the search engine algorithm to favor mobile friendly websites. Non-mobile friendly websites will rank lower, making it more and more difficult for them to show up on the first page of search engines. Is your website mobile friendly?

2. NAP. The name, address, and phone number should be in the header of your practice website. Make it easy for your clients to find this important information so they can quickly contact the practice.

3. ‘Click to Call’. Make sure all of your phone numbers on your website are ‘click to call.’ When is the last time you could memorize a phone number by heart and dial it? Make it EASY and FAST for your clients to call you.

4. Practice Logo. Ensure your website has a practice logo in the header (top of your website). This can help with branding yourself to the public. You can build your brand by including your logo on business cards, social media, and local listings.

5. Simple, Accessible Navigation Bar.
The menu bar is used to provide choices for site visitors. Don’t overwhelm your site visitors by giving them too many choices. The maximum number of tabs your navigation bar should have is 7-10. Each tab should be labeled with a familiar and concise word.

6. Client Testimonials. Build trust by showing your clients and site visitors your veterinary practice is a great place to take their furry loved ones. They will gain the confidence to bring their pet to you and your staff, whether it be an emergency or a yearly exam.

7. Personalized Photography. Avoid using stock photography. Personalize your photos. eVetSites provides you with stock images that you have the license to use on your eVetSites website, but remember stock photos have a high chance of showing up somewhere else (i.e another veterinarian’s website or a non-veterinarian related site). Worst of all, it costs money to purchase stock photography. If you aren’t using eVetSites’ stock images and haven’t purchased the image you are using on your website, the company that owns the image has the right to send you a bill.